New Album, New Image; Taylor Swift


Sprankles, Julie. “Is This Why the Old Taylor Had to Die?” SheKnows, 5 Sept. 2017

Audrey Hipwell

Most of us have had a Taylor Swift bop stuck in our head at one point in time, although not all of us have enjoyed it—middle school throwback, anyone? With the release of her new album, Reputation, we usher in yet another era of repetitive, mechanical choruses and shallow discussion surrounding the former cowgirl starlet, now a fully fledged Edgelord. Over the past few years, Swift has been reforming her image, but what began as a simple venture into red lipstick and the casual party lifestyle, has now turned into garish displays of clearly manufactured ideas and thinly veiled insecurity. Her music video for Look What You Made Me Do is a prime example of this. In the video, Swift says, “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Oh, why? Cuz she’s dead.” The artistic decision to tear down an image and rebuild from there is hardly an original idea. Several years ago we saw this with Miley Cyrus. But while Miley’s rebirth was accompanied by quality content and meaningful lyrics, Swift’s appears to be little more than an image change for the sake of image. Swift’s image has been severely damaged in the past few years, what with the incidents surrounding her many boyfriends and drama with other celebs. It can be safely assumed that this new album is a publicity stunt designed to reclaim Swift’s good standing, as well as her continuous income. After all, records still sell even if they suck.