Varsity Volleyball: Timpview Vs. Alta


Audrey Hipwell

The black uniformed Alta players enter the Thunderdome, making their way behind the junior varsity girls still playing, and towards their reserved benches. They sit, chatty and cheerful, waiting for the junior varsity game to end so theirs can begin. Orange and blue clad Timpview varsity girls enter through the south doors. The junior varsity game is completed, high fives under the net are made, music is turned on, and practice begins. Disorganized circles are made from players and friends alike on both sides of the net. Kids run around the track above the court, and stray water bottles litter the stands. The music is cut off and the cheerleaders and players line up. Mr. Guero introduces the players, and the game begins. Alta scores the first point, but encouraging cheers of Timpview students ring through the air, “That’s alright, that’s okay, shake it off, shake it off!” Initially, Alta takes the lead, and Timpview players’ legs are red from falling after desperate lunges. But several minutes in, Timpview pulls ahead 7-6. In reality, there are two competitions happening; one between the players, and one between the two sides of the audience. Alta students and parents cheer each time a point is made; but Timpview students standing on the bleachers shout organized cheers throughout each and every set. Our cheerleaders stand in a line at the back of the gym, behind the out of bounds lines. At the end of the first set, which Timpview won, the girls regroup and the second set begins. After an initial scare where a Timpview player slips from either water or sweat on the court, the game continues and we’re soon tied 11-11. The teams’ scores stay close together for the rest of the set, the red scoreboard lights tailing each other. 15-16 with Alta in the lead, then 16-16, then 16-17, 16-18, 17-18. Eventually, Alta wins the set. Tension fills the Thunderdome; whoever wins the next set will win the whole game. After a nail-biting period with deadly serves from both teams, Alta defeats Timpview by 2 points. While this is certainly a disappointment, Timpview waits eagerly for a sure-to-come win. After all, our ladybirds are the best.