Russell Midgley


Bailey Morris

“Don’t be an idiot. Don’t do stupid things.”

This is just one of the beliefs that Russell Midgley, a junior here at Timpview High School wants to share to his fellow students. He works as a janitor at Centennial and is proud of it. With flexible hours and not too large of a workload, he has some time to think back on his childhood.

Midgley moved to Provo about three years ago. He remarked that on an emotional level, moving wasn’t very hard for him. In fact, he laughed that the hardest part about moving to Utah was actually packing the boxes.

“Actually, I connected with my friends here more than my friends in Boise because they take me more seriously,” Midgley said. “It’s better than Boise, it’s a start.”

Outside of work, Midgley says his love for music and friends is reflected in what he does in his free time. He discovered his love for music very young, starting piano when he was only five.

“I like music, I play the violin. I sing in choir,” Midgley said. “I stopped taking [violin] lessons pretty recently but I still like to play the violin. It’s a good instrument.”

Music can be a driving force for many but Midgley’s motivation to move towards the future is something more personal.

“I’m religious so I think there’s something after; it’s not just everyone’s dust in the wind that amounts to nothing. I’m not one of those sadistic people,” Midgley said.

Midgley went on to explain that he strives to get good grades in high school with hopes that it will help him succeed throughout college.

Midgley’s message is simple, your purpose is completely your own. And of course, don’t be stupid.