Teacher Feature: Ms. White


Jocelyn Salzman

Ms. White is a teacher that sets out, not only to change her students, but the world as well. She is loved by her students, all of whom value her way of teaching and her willingness to aid students in their education.

“She is a really good teacher,” said freshman Myriam Germame. “I like how she explains things.  She explains in a way that we can understand and if we don’t understand at first then she finds and alternative way to explain it, which helps a lot. I always look forward to coming to this class because she makes geography fun.”

Ms. White is always trying to find ways to help the people around her. Whether it be a friendly smile as you walk down the halls or an encouraging talk, she finds ways to help.

Ms. White grew up in a small town called Morton, Virginia. She played lacrosse and basketball growing up.

She attended BYU for a year before her family surprised her by submitting an application to BYU Hawaii. She got accepted, and loved the school.

“I randomly got an acceptance letter in the mail,” said Ms. White, “which surprised me cause I hadn’t applied for it. And I decided to go to that. I fell in love with it there.”

At BYU Hawaii she studied International Cultural Studies with an emphasis in the Middle East. Afterwards, she served a LDS mission in Yeoman, Armenia.

Ms White continued her education by getting a teaching degree. She loves teaching, and plans to do so for years to come.

“I like having an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone and associate with people who are amazing,” said Ms. White

Her end goal is to do non-profit work, and create schools for girls and women in the Middle East.

“I think education empowers a person, and I want to empower women and children,” said Ms. White