Super rad! The Aquabats! return to SLC


Samuel Handley

Mock fights with alien rivals, burgers falling from the sky, and kids crowd surfing on inflatable pizza all made for a memorable show with the Aquabats! in Salt Lake City. The Orange County Ska/Rock group played the evening of Saturday, September 8 at The Depot, plugging their Kickstarter fund for a new TV series.

The concert featured many of the band’s hit classics such as “Cat with Two Heads!”, “Burger Rain!” and “Magic Chicken!” And who could forget the staple “Attacked by Snakes!”? But the music wasn’t the only entertainment. 

During the show, the band projected music videos onto an on-stage screen during the songs. Most of their songs featured actors in costume or blow-up objects tossed around by the audience. At one point, the band even had a mock fight with their nemesis: The Sand Fleas.

You might be thinking, “This is all fun and games, but is it really something I would want to bring children to?”  The answer is yes, the Aquabats! is indeed a kid-friendly show. The leader of the band, the “MC Bat Commander,” was calling the audience “kids” all night, even though the majority were adults.  

But while The Aquabats! Return to Salt Lake! was fun for all the little kids, it was also fun for the big kids. The show featured “adult” jokes such as “We’re nearing our mid-thirties” and “Next year Ariana Grande will have costumed chickens on stage, but remember, we did it first.”

If you missed the show but want to get into the Aquabats! expansive collection of music, The Professor, one of the characters from the Super Show!, when asked what album new fans should start with, he recommended The Fury of the Aquabats!

And if you already love the Aquabats!, the group pleads with you to donate to their Kickstarter fund. They wish to revive the old Aquabats! Super Show! with a new season, as well as an album.

“Donate a dollar, you can afford it. Just a dollar, that’s all you need is a dollar,” the Professor said. “If you want rewards, then you donate more. But just donate a dollar and I’ll be your best…I’ll be your friend. I won’t be your best friend, but I might…I’ll be your best man at your wedding.” 

All in all, this concert was an absolute blast and fun for kids of all ages, I give it 7/7 stars– and I hope you do too.


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