24 Hours with Teresa Gao


Liza Sybrowsky

Here’s a typical day in the life of senior Teresa Gao.

A fantastically flattering wake-up selfie at 6:25

A typically atypical breakfast of hu hu and three yue bing

Arriving at Timpview among herds of humans

Mirror selfie in a miraculously empty bathroom

Paying a visit to my poor underused locker

Mrs. Gerstner, the world’s sweetest librarian

Josh Dew and Caleb Sherman, my favorite Phil(harmonic) orch dorks

Keeley Gibson, my puny and punny AP Bio lab partner

Morgan Howard, Jessie Snow, Candy Segura, and Betsy Richardson, my amazing AP Art friends

Enjoying pizza at lunch with my FBLA/DECA squad

Jayke Stevens, Mariane Rizzuto, Elizabeth Wilcox, and Chase Vanfleet, my great AP Gov pals

Heading home in a government-owned yellow limousine

Picking up my brother after helping in his after-school program

Studying augmented matrices alongside augmented fourths

A delicious dinner with my parents and little sister

Learning art history while making art on the side

BYU Dance with my incredibly talented classmates

Going on a walk with my mom and two little siblings

Spending some quality time with bae

Fruit time with my family

Staying up literally waiting for paint to dry