Timpview students infiltrate Orem High


Niccolo Rosborough

Sometimes it takes a deception to find the truth. Going by the alter egos of Miles and Brady, two Timpview students cross barriers of all kinds to cut down stereotypes and find out if our local schools are actually the way they’re portrayed. Breaking rules left and right, these teens have wished to remain anonymous.

In hushed tones, Miles explained the plot, “The plan is to choose a school every month and walk in with the students at the start of the day. We’ll choose a class, pretend we’re transfer students, and use this inside view as we go throughout the day in different classes to examine and rate the students, teachers, and the school as a whole on a ten point scale.”

Many wondered if they’d be caught, but as for phase one, Orem High School, they escaped unscathed. “It’s inevitable we’ll be caught at some point, the question is when,” Brady said. “That’s just a part of the adventure.”

Throughout the process of attending several classes, enrolling in seminary, auditioning for the A Capella Choir, going to lunch with Orem students, and joining a few clubs, they figured out their rating of the school.

“Everyone was super nice and accepting, one choir parent even pulled us aside and told us the secrets of what the director likes in a singer and how to get into A Capella,” said Brady.

Miles added, “The students were also very inviting, in English—our first class of the day—we were welcomed by a full table of girls who were more than happy to help us out. The only negative experience was a kid named Trent who was a little mad we accidentally stole his girls.”

Suspense rose later in the day upon being approached by several police officers. Miles’ words on the experience were, “My heart pounded faster and faster with every step they took toward us.”

“I thought we were screwed for sure,” said Brady.

The pair let out a sigh of relief when the only question they were asked by the police was what salads they were eating.

Recounting the experience as a positive one, the teens drove out of their faculty parking space at Orem with a majority of good vibes, leaving Orem High School with the rating 8/10.