Sub4Santa turns ugly


Niccolo Rosborough

Timpview’s Sub-for-Santa is notorious for its successful fundraising events during the Holiday Season and perhaps the most well attended event is the Ugly Sweater Stag.

Ugly sweaters are becoming a distinguished part of holiday celebrations, and whether from their great aunt Agatha or from too jovial teachers, most students have images of those detestable knitted shirts seared into their brains.

Yet none know the true horror of sweaters until attending the Ugly Sweater Stag. From X-small crop top sweaters to ones so large and floppy they would shame even Dumbo’s ears, there’s not a place with more diverse ways of making you want to gouge out your eyes than the Stag Dance.

As Timpview Journalism we believe that such a heinous tradition deserves recognition and also wonder whose sweater is truly the most horrid?

To accomplish both tasks at once, Timpview Journalism is hosting an ugly sweater competition at the stag dance. The entry fee will be two dollars and a portion of the money will be used for cash awards for the winners and the rest will be donated to Sub-for-Santa.

The competition will be held in two rounds. First, special judges who are experts of ugly will choose the five worst sweaters and then the ultimate winner will be decided by Timpview’s student body. Voting will take place online at under polls. The voting will last until December 14th. There will also be an optional runway walk.

So go dig in your grandma’s closets to find the most hideous apparel. Then don it and come to the Ugly Sweater Stag, December 7th from 8 to 10 p.m., to prove your ugliness, win money, and ultimately support charity.