Mrs. Hammer gets hitched


Liza Sybrowsky

Joseph Eliot Cannon, Mrs. Hammer-Cannon’s new husband, is tall, kind, and a hilarious dream-boat. After meeting on a dating site, Mrs. Hammer’s loyalty to Timpview and her commitment to help at a football game caused her to miss their first date. She almost didn’t reschedule (due to too many other dates that week…what a woman).

They were married on November 3, 2018 in the Draper Temple and honeymooned in Park City, and despite their grey and greyish blue wedding colors, they felt anything but blue.

Mrs. Hammer says that Joe helps bring her down to Earth when she get stressed and is “really funny, but [not] all the time, so when he is, it almost comes out of nowhere and makes me laugh really hard.”

They go on walks together and every Friday they take turns taking each other out on a datewhich is one of Mrs. Hammer’s favorite things to do with her new husband.

Besides being a great cooking partner, Joe works in the IT department at Mountain America Credit Union, and is available to help with any tech questions she could possibly have (don’t we all need one of those).

Her parting words to those worried that they won’t ever get married—“Don’t worry. It will happen when it happens. I used to get really bent out of shape being ‘old’ and not married, but honestly, it’s a numbers game and you don’t want to settle. Also, don’t wait to do anything because ‘you might get married.’ Travel, get education, move wherever—just live your life and things will work out.”

Article written by Bailey Morris