Timpview Journalism Photo Contest 2019 Winner

Abby Beutler

Written by RJ Gomm

At the beginning of March we were issued the task of finding the best photographer at Timpview High School. We hurried and spread the word, making flyers, posts and announcements about our photo contest. In order to ensure we’d get submissions, we topped off the contest with one of the most enticing prizes there is, a gift card to Chick-Fil-A.

After weeks of waiting, countless submissions and days (well really hours) of looking through all of the fantastic pictures we got, we finally chose a winner. It was tough, but by unanimous decision (from all two of us) we decided to choose Dalton Mcintire as our Timpview Journalism Photo Contest winner!

Everyone submitted great pictures but the one that stood out to us both the most was this one from Dalton. We really loved the use of negative space and how the subject is just about to move out of frame. Not to mention the fact that the composition of this photo was well thought out. While this picture is nice to look at, there’s also some technical things going on as well.

Here’s the exact same photo but with a 3×3 grid layered on top of it. This is called the rule of thirds and it’s one of the golden rules in photography. In this case, Dalton really shows his understanding of it and gives a great example of how when you don’t put the most important thing in the center of the frame, you can tell a story in a much more dynamic way. It allows the viewers eyes to move around the picture instead of just being focused on the center.