Bonds and Ballots: Election Day 2019

Luke Eliason, Managing Editor

Although the Timpview electorate is comparatively small, our civic duty to vote still applies to us even as high school students. Election day 2019 is tomorrow, November 5th, and many of the Timpview Seniors have yet to vote. Despite the short notice, there is still time to vote for those who haven’t yet. Not sure how to participate in our democracy? Here’s how. Those already registered to vote should have received a ballot in the mail that they can drop off at a drop box or a polling station. You can find one near you here.

You can also vote in person at a registered polling station, from 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, just be sure to bring a valid ID. Find a nearby polling station to vote here.

Up on the ballot are city council races, with different candidates depending on the districts that you live in. The biggest thing on the ballot is the Provo City School District Bond, which would raise property taxes interest rates by roughly 3.4% and would result in several schools in the city getting rebuilt for safety purposes, including Timpview. For more on the bond read here.

For more on the candidates, read here.