Why being a Hypebeast isn’t cool anymore

Alright, alright. For everybody that knows me personally, I know what you’re thinking, “SaM yoU hAVe a PaIr of GuCci sHoeS, yOu DreSs likE a HypeBeAsT, yOu’Re a hYpocRitE, ” Relax. I’m going to break this down and explain, so stick around.

What do you think of when you hear the word “hypebeast?” Maybe it’s teenage boys with their fancy red box logo, or girls wearing the clunkiest dad shoes you’ve ever laid eyes on. Dictionary.com says “A hypebeast is a mostly derogatory slang word for someone, usually a man, who follows trends in fashion, particularly streetwear, for the purpose of making a social statement.” That’s a euphemism for “Clout chaser” or “utter buffoon”.

Let me provide some background information. Supreme New York is a streetwear/skating brand that started in 1994 in New York. Their unique streetwear was noticed by the public and quickly became near unattainable. A 50 dollar t-shirt could be resold for more than a thousand dollars after it sold out, circulating a level of “hype” and rarity to the brand.

Another familiar example of this is Kanye West’s shoe line, YEEZY. When he released the first pair of Yeezy Turtle Doves, people went nuts. The shoe was very limited and not many could get their hands on a pair. This forced people to pay the after market price which at the time was reselling for thousands of dollars.

Crazy, right? There are plenty more examples and other brands that have a level of hype. Including, but not limited to: Palace Skateboards, Bape, Kith, Off-White, and even Gucci.

Let me make myself very clear. Wearing Supreme or owning Yeezys does NOT make you a hypebeast. You could like Kanye’s music, or really like the look of a new Supreme design. Many people love it for the culture, others simply love high end streetwear, which is totally fine. However, if you’re wearing a brand to get attention and flaunt your money… I’ve got bad news for you.

Money and hype doesn’t equal style, or coolness for that matter. Hypebeasts are often criticized from the fashion community because of their brand-chasing ideology. It’s also common for those genuinely into fashion to look down upon them, after all they’re really not into clothing, they just like looking cool.

There are dozens of celebrities that throw together all of the most expensive things in their closet and look dreadful. Besides, having your closet stay relevant is an expensive hobby. There’s always a newer and cooler item releasing around the corner. If you’re reading this article and you relate to the clout-chasing hypebeast I’ve mentioned, it’s ok. You can change.

The first step is to just…be you. You don’t need the newest and most expensive clothing to be cool, you’re plenty enough cool as it is. The late French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Fashion and trendiness is always changing. You need to buy what you genuinely like, not what other people think is cool. You wouldn’t want a closet full of ugly expensive clothing just to impress others, would you? Probably not.

Now, let’s all make sure we’re on the same page here. I’m not saying that you can’t like or buy expensive things. Gucci is sick! Palace is a dope streetwear brand! Higher priced items also often mean higher quality, and there are extremely talented designers killing it out there! Just make sure you’re buying for a good reason, and it represents you. I genuinely love my Gucci shoes, and that’s not just because they’re Gucci branded. These “be yourself” principles apply to nearly everything in life. Be you. Be safe out there, friends.