Behind the award: The recipe for success

With success comes hard work. And sometimes, that hard work involves multitasking. Throughout Utah, high school athletes have the opportunity to receive an award that glorifies both their hard work and double commitment. I present to you: Academic All-state.

Academic All-state is an award given to high school seniors who have excelled in both school and sports. According to the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) website, all senior varsity athletes can get the award by either having an unweighted 4.0 GPA or by meeting a very selective index score, which is determined by their ACT score and GPA. When they say selective, the lowest ACT score you could get is a 29, but you’d also have to have an accompanying 4.0 GPA in order to qualify.

Timpview had nineteen students receive the award this season, which in itself is impressive. So how did they do it? How were they able to balance school and homework with their respective sport? I met with three T-bird recipients, who have participated in their sport for more than a year, and asked them. Here’s how they responded:

“It just comes down to time management, you know? Every sport out there, no matter how serious you are, you always have some time outside of it, and it comes down to instead of going somewhere or playing games or something like that, you plan out your day and you say, ‘okay, this time I’m going to be here’. So for me it’s like, at this time I’m going to be at the golf course from here to here, and when I get home I’m working out. Then when I’m done with that, I’m eating. Then after that, I have all this time to do homework. So it’s just time management.”

— Tommy Rosenvall, Senior, Boys Golf

“I always plan out my day before. So, set aside time for homework and then practice and then, free time you can do whatever, but I think it’s just good to stay organized.”

— Annabelle Bailey, Senior, Girls Soccer

“It was pretty tricky during first term. I just kind of try to do homework whenever I have those little hour periods, like maybe there’s only a thirty minute period between two things and then I do that. A lot of times I’ll just prioritize some homework assignments I feel like are just not as important and so I need to choose where I locate most of my time. So, if I don’t think it’s as important, I might just try to spend less time on it.”

— Mark Argyle, Senior, Boys Cross Country

So according to these athletes, balance is key. While they each have their own and different schedules, they are all still able to find time to take care of everything within school and outside of it. As senior Tommy Rosenvall already put it, “it’s just time management.” Planning out your day and each little detail to know when you’re doing something can not only help you accomplish more, but gives you more time to excel at other things, which for these athletes were their respective sports. And while it doesn’t always translate to an award for everyone, it can, in fact, guarantee an easy drive through high school. And who doesn’t want that?

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