Spotify Wrapped 2019

It’s official. Spotify has given users their highly anticipated annual year in review. Released just yesterday, Wrapped 2019 gives listeners a summary of what songs and artists they’ve listened to as well as what genres they’ve discovered*. In the end, the overall summary of your year is put together into four categories:

Your Top Artists
This category gives you your top five artists based on how many minutes you’ve listened to them.

Your Top Songs
This category gives you the five songs you’ve listened to the most this year.

Your Top Genre
Based on all of the songs you’ve listened to throughout the year, this category shows you what genre most of them were.

Minutes Listened
As the name implies, this category shows you how many minutes you’ve listened to music for the year.

In addition to celebrating this year, Spotify has also released correlating playlists that celebrate this decade. You can find these playlists in the Spotify app. To see your Spotify Wrapped 2019, you can either open the spotify app or go to

*Spotify also features a Decade Wrapped, which details your listening habits from the past decade.