Some little questions for a big tradition

One of the biggest events that Timpview puts on during the year is Sub For Santa. Through donations from students and local businesses, our school raises money for families in need so they can have a real Christmas. Ms. Baker, the Student Government advisor, organizes the event every year with the members of student government and makes it run as well as it can. We interviewed Ms. Baker and asked her about a few aspects of the event.

How much money has Sub For Santa made?

We made about $204,000 last year, although our site does say that we made $189,619.06. We got some last minute donations and that bumped it up.

How do you think we can get more involved as students?

One way students can get more involved with Sub For Santa is that if you go to our website. You can adopt a specific family. Another thing students can do is to go to food nights. Because part of the money that the company makes that night will go to the Sub For Santa and is incredibly helpful because some of that money goes to Sub For Santa.

How many families have we helped?

So we’ve helped about 140 last year and we’ve stayed above the 100 consistently for the past few years. So I think we’ve helped at least a thousand families.

What are some of the problems that come with Sub For Santa?

You never know what business are going to come you can’t always get a precise number. Another thing is that so many activities are happening at once like we have dinner and then we have competition and then we have caroling all on the same day and it can be stressful.

Do you think competition is bad for students?

While yes this is most importantly about the kids we help. I think that the number is more important. See when numbers are involved people will be competitive, and even though people some time forgot that this is about the kids, people will come because they like competition, and I think that timpview thrives on competition.

What is your favorite Sub for Santa activity?

I think my favorite is Student vs Teacher Basketball, because it’s just interesting to see students and teachers kind of face off and it’s surprising for students to see how good the teachers really are.

Baker and Student Government hopes to continue this tradition and help many more families, bumping the number up from last year’s total. If you’re curious about any information about Sub for Santa or want to see how you can get involved, you can go to their website here.