Fences for a $30 million temporary fix

In the face of the bond failing, Provo School District has taken steps to perform additonal soil and foundational tests to determine the structural soundness of Timpview. This data will contribute to Timpview’s next step in stabilizing the school: spending $30 million on pillars to prevent structural shifting that will be ripped out when a bond eventually passes in future years.

Starting December 13th, according to construction worker Shane Bunker, “We are fencing off a couple spots so the district can do some exploratory examination of the foundation of the building.” The data is to be used to better understand how the foundation may deteriorate in the future.

According to an email from Vice Principal Sean Edwards, “During the excavation, we anticipate losing building access at the south west stairwell and all south side entrances.” It’s expected to last between 5-8 weeks. Results will determine the steps the school takes next in ensuring a safe school for students.

On whether or not the results may determine the passing of a new bond next year, teacher Mr. Scott Johnson said, “If the school’s still settling, the bond not passing didn’t solve the problem. This may give some leverage, saying hey, the problem’s still here we need to do something.”

Some alarm has been raised at the use of the $30 million for a temporary fix, however, as the foundation is still shifting, school officials claim it’s necessary for a safe environment. In February, a window in Rebekah Crawley’s classroom cracked due to foundational issues. These fixes are expected to prevent more dire consequences.

Editor’s Note: Edited date for accuracy.