The unsung hero of Timpview Band

High schools have a lot of heroes. Some are well recognized, like a star quarterback or the lead in a play, but others work behind the scenes with significantly less recognition. In Timpview’s band program, there’s one student whose efforts have gone unnoticed. She is senior Emma Davidson, and is currently serving as the band president.

Sophomore Brandon Radle says, “[Emma’s] a great friend, and a great person.” She is kind, helpful, and lovely to work with. With these qualities, Davidson has had a significant impact on the band.

This year, the band program has dealt with several setbacks. At the beginning of the summer, it was announced that Mr. Jared Hearld, the band’s former director, would be resigning before the 2019-2020 school year. The average student would’ve started running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Davidson, however, took it in stride. She focused on comforting students as well as assisting the temporary director, Mrs. Whitney Werner, in whatever needed to be done. She even helped in the selection of a new band director. After the decision was made, students knew Davidson was the person to ask about the transition.

Throughout the year, Davidson continued to be someone that Mr. Johnny Bolton, the current band director, could rely upon. In particular, Bolton praises her communication skills. He says, “[Emma’s communication has] been very helpful to me because [that’s] something I need help … to get going”. As a band, Bolton says “most of the battle we fight is just being present and being engaged, and [Davidson]’s totally all that.”

This year, the drumline and colorguard have had to combine rooms. This may not seem like a huge deal, but the drumline room has traditionally been a place reserved for practice, and the colorguard room as a makeshift makeup and storage room. The change caused a lot of tension between the two groups, and Davidson, “was really good about bridging that gap.” Emma Payne, a member of drumline, says “[Emma] made sure everyone was being respectful of each other and respecting one another’s space.” Davidson’s kindness has spread through the entire band program.

Davidson is a good example even outside of her responsibilities as band president. In addition to all the responsibilities she has taken on as band president and member of the colorguard, she’s working to become a Registered Medical Assistant before she graduates.

Currently, Davidson’s doing an internship at Utah Valley Pediatrics. Last semester, she had one with Utah Valley Wound Clinic. She needs at least 720 clock hours of medical assisting to get her certification.

To make it happen, Davidson says “I have to go to my internship from one to five every day.” This makes things rather difficult, as Davidson is also taking extraneous math, science, and AP classes this year. She says “I think I overbooked my senior year… I don’t have time for anything!” That being said, it’s obvious that Davidson loves what she does. She gets excited every time she sees an ambulance because she’s thrilled about her future in the medical field, and she loves being the band president and helping to motivate the band.

In the words of Bolton, “She’s set a model for other kids to follow … She’s set a good example for people, [teaching them] how to be [kind].”