Your guide to enjoying quarantine


With the COVID-19 around and people being confined to their homes, people are becoming more bored than ever. But using some creativity, there are all sorts of activities you can do in your own home. Here is a list of five ideas for you to beat your boredom.

#1 – Cooking
With so much time spent at home you’ll definitely have time to make a dish you haven’t tried before. Look online for a recipe and try that out. If your soufflé doesn’t turn out well, you can always try again.

#2 – Begin watching the Bon Appétit YouTube channel
After becoming bored of cooking, you’ll begin to browse YouTube, a video catches your eye. “Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix.” Video published by Bon Appétit. You immediately click the link and begin watching a magical video of a woman named Claire trying to reverse engineer a popular snack, once the video ends you click another gourmet makes, and another, and another. Without even realizing it you’ve been watching Claire for 2 ½ hours, but was the time wasted? “No,” You tell yourself and you start another.

#3 – Subscribing to the Bon Appétit Magazine
Soon after finishing up your YouTube rabbit hole, you’ll discover the Test Kitchen’s roots, The Bon Appétit Magazine, a magazine dedicated to testing and creating recipes that can easily be done from home. The glorious catalogue of recipes it presents is too tempting, buying a subscription is the only option.

#4 – Fall in love with the Test Kitchen crew
After paying for a subscription to the magazine your interest will turn back to the YouTube channel, where you’ll discover the Test Kitchen crew and fall in love with what they do. The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen plays host to many wonderful cooking shows from the crew. There’s It’s Alive with Brad, Gourmet Makes, Molly Tries, Reverse Engineering with Chris, One of Everything, Back-to-Back Chef, Test Kitchen Talks, Andy Explores, Almost Every, and Making Perfect. You discover that Bon Appétit has so much to offer and so much to love, and after watching for hours, your conversion is almost complete.

#5 – Create a meme page dedicated to the Test Kitchen Crew
Now that your transformation into a BA Test Kitchen fan has taken form the only thing left to do is spread the good word and the best way to do that is through memes.


And there it is, The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying the Quarantine. Have fun and Bon Appétit!