A very rude awakening


Isaac Craig and Anna da Silva

In this piece, this year’s homecoming King (Isaac Craig) and homecoming Queen (Anna da Silva) share their experience of winning the greatest competition between students that Timpview has to offer.  


Isaac’s POV

On a lovely Friday morning roughly 6 hours before school I was woken up by a bunch of the student body officers. Once I was semi-conscious, I was informed that I was a candidate for the title of Timpview’s 2021 Homecoming King. The Student Government then decided to celebrate with a large confetti cannon. As you could probably guess, I was not too thrilled to clean up that mess. Would it not have sufficed to just send me a text? Mess aside, I was pretty stoked to have been elected to the royal court, but I would have never thought I would be the one to actually win the title of homecoming king! I was running against two of the best football players at this school, and in a school where football is a big deal, of course, I assumed that my chances of winning were pretty slim. I decided to have fun with it anyway, so I bought a wild suit jacket. I wanted to look fly for the rest of the school to see. I probably looked like a dork with my cheetah print suit jacket on, but I was having fun, and when you’re having fun, it’s hard to pay attention to what you look like. I’m very honored to have won King, even though I am a dork. 


Anna’s POV


I never wanted to say that I peaked in high school but I have to say it seems as though it can only go downhill from here. As I arrived at work- my old elementary school- on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, I was ready as ever to clean up after small children who have no respect for leaving dead grass and wood chips outside where it belongs. On this particular day, I received a very cryptic message from my boss. She informed me that I should stick around the main office until 3:45. I was suspicious but returned to work. About 5 minutes later I really needed to pee. As I was walking past the office I was shocked to see about 3 of my best friends, one armed with a confetti cannon. They very awkwardly handed me a manila envelope, which I opened to read a paper that said: “nominated for homecoming royalty”. Safe to say, I was shocked. THESE LIARS! For days I had pestered three of my friends about what they knew of the homecoming royalty shenanigans. All three very convincingly claimed they had no idea! I also realized my mother had known all along and had also lied. They then popped the confetti cannon which I begrudgingly cleaned up. Unbeknownst to them, that confetti would linger around the school for days. The moral of the story is everyone I know is a liar, and student gov kids do not clean up their confetti cannon messes, and being Homecoming Queen is pretty epic.