New Coaches Dunk Their Way Into Timpview Basketball.

New Coaches Dunk Their Way Into Timpview Basketball.

Emma Laughlin, Staff writer

The sound of sneakers squeaking on a freshly cleaned court is anything but new to the students of Timpview High. The ruckus of eager players, hungry to dribble, guard, and score is familiar. But the voices that calls the shots– that’s new. Timpview’s new basketball coaches take on the challenge of leading some of the school’s best athletes to victory. 

This year, the girls’ basketball team is being led by none other than Hayley Steed. Steed is known as the MVP of the 2012 WWC Championships after she defeated champion Gonzaga. Easy to say, we got a good one. Such a beautiful resume wasn’t easy for our new coach. After playing basketball for years, she was taken to a dramatic halt. But through the suffering and heartbreak after tearing her ACL, she found hope in spending time with her coaches. It was an eye-opening experience that led her to dream of someday coaching a team of her own. 

In an interview the Timpview journalism staff conducted with Coach Steed, we asked her who some of her favorite coaches are that she looks up to. Her answer was, “I’ve played for a lot of great coaches… Coach [Jeff] Judkins at BYU was my college coach, he taught me so much about basketball, a lot of what I know came from him.”

It’s clear that Steed is ready and excited to lead a talented team this year. In our interview with her, she divulged some of the tactics she’s created to keep our team in top shape. “Defensively, we want to get up in their face and… Offensively… I like to give my players freedom. To play and create. A little bit of structure but a lot of freedom within the structure.” She ensures that our players are being guided in the criteria to win, but to never forget the aspects of freedom and creativity within the game. We can hardly wait to see what Coach Steed has in store for our lady T-birds this year! 


The bleachers are filled, the crowd is wild, the air is explosive, as orange and blue enters the court. Hungry for the win, Timpview High School Boys Basketball is looking to dominate the court this year. Timpview basketball legacy turns a new leaf with the exit of Timpview’s previous coach, but a new journey is just beginning with Coach Ingle. Hopes are high for this new coach, what with the State title hanging in the air from last year’s narrow loss. Coach Ingle bravely puts it to the challenge and strives for absolute victory!

The new coach is proud to be part of the Tbird family, and believes he has what it takes to coach our winners. Timpview’s journalism staff asked Coach Ingle what brought him to coaching. He replied, “… The most influential people in my life were coaches. The people that made a difference in my life were the coaches and people that I looked up to and I’ve learned so much from them.” He also shared that his dad was a coach, and inspired him.