One More For the Teachers…


Corbin Barrington and Presley Galland

With the minimization of Timpview’s parking, there have been all sorts of dilemmas in regard to where to park when you arrive at the school. Parking lots have opened and closed, giving students no sure footing as to where they can ever park. Not to mention, a 5-10 minute walk to the school’s front door, after already driving, is not ideal. Today we are taking a closer look into figuring out the parking mayhem. 

The new teacher parking lot is being placed on the South West side of the building. With this new parking lot, students’ hope of parking closer to the school are springing up. With at least 32 spots in the new parking lot, teachers will be able to move off the road and park in their own parking lot. This parking lot is designated for teachers only. While this may not seem impactful to students, the parking lot will open up a whole lot of spots for students to be closer as well, because it will move all the teachers who have previously needed to park on the road into the new lot. 

The Timpview journalism staff interviewed Timpview’s own Suzanne Parker on the matter. Throughout the interview, we conversed about the impact of this new parking lot. She told us that there would be “32 spots depending on how the lines are painted… There have been teachers parking on the road. This will probably open up the spots for students on the road.” Slowly but surely parking is getting more open for students to have a closer walk to the school. 

Timpview has been trying their best to handle the parking situations. As students at Timpview High School, we hope we are on the right track to bringing back our normal, comfortable parking spaces for every student. Soon there will be no more long walks. With this new addition of parking, we are looking forward to seeing more and more changes and growth of where us Timpview students can park.