Car Crash Disasters


Hallie Boone, staff writer

  On the morning of November 2, the day our school acknowledged the tragic fatal car crash of Tobis Dow, two other serious car crashes involving Timpview students happened.   Around 7:20am, a Timpview student was struck by a moving vehicle. He was hit while crossing the street near Day’s Market place on his way to school by a 2002 Chevy impala. One witness on the scene stated that “He was crossing the street, it was dark out, he didn’t exactly wait for cars to slow down…I’m sure He just didn’t see a car or thought it was far away” another witness remarked “He saw the car coming and he tried to run it out of the way but she hit him and he flue in the air and landed on his head” 


      Students closely behind the young man immediately called 911 and within four minutes emergency responders arrived at the scene. Vehicles included  3 squad cars, an ambulance, and one fire truck. When asked about the young man’s condition, one Provo city police officer stated, “he’s alive, he’s in pain.” As of 9:30 this morning, the student is alive and receiving professional medical care. Further details on his condition have not yet been disclosed.


      Witnesses on the scene included 3 students who had been walking just behind the young man, a student driving behind the car that struck the boy and the driver involved in the accident. Timpview reporters on the scene did not feel it was appropriate to press the driver involved for questions at this time.


Later that same day, a joy ride turned into a costly crash in the church parking lot. Since the beginning of the year, Timpview students have had the possibility to buy a parking pass, which would allow them to park at a nearby LDS Church parking lot. However, this past Tuesday, a Timpview student was speeding and drifting in the parking lot which eventually led to them hitting three parked cars. The next morning the parking lot was closed. We can expect the parking lot to be closed until “further notice”. Currently the LDS Church and the District Facility are in talks about the future of Timpview’s access to the parking lot. 


The parking lot might stay closed to all of the students, but the teachers were allowed to use it on thursday November 11, for extra parking for the Veterans day assembly due to the teachers parking lot being used by all of our veteran guests.