Trash Talk


Jenifer Magaña and Shay Taylor

Trash talk is louder than ever at Timpview High School. The trash strewn across the school’s halls reflect the respect left for it. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that with construction, and so many more students, the trash littering our hallways has increased. The custodians are on the clock more than ever– before and after school– just to make sure that Timpview High has a clean environment. Although the janitors’ job has always meant cleaning up after our school, the situation changes when the trash that is found has been purposefully and carelessly dropped by students. 


Shane Powell, the lead custodian of Timpview High School, said of the unnecessary trash; “Timpview has an honor in pride, you know, this is your highschool, and in my opinion you want to take care of your school, because this is your school these are your colors. It’s your pride and your team… we want to take pride in the school to make it a better place… for your brothers and sisters… and for future people to be here. We want Timpview to be the best, and we want it to rock and look the best.” 


Ms. Smith, who has worked at Timpview for three years, connected the amount of respect students have for the school with the amount of trash. “I think that trash shows a lack of respect for a place, and I don’t think that the students respect the cleanliness of our building, because we don’t feel like it’s clean.”


Mr. Chow, another teacher here at Timpview, commented “I think you get a matter of taking pride. I think a lot of the kids look like they do things on purpose just to make a mess, but I think if you don’t have pride in the school you should take pride in who you are as a human being.”


It’s no secret that Timpview’s current physical state is little unsure, but its students need to do their part to maintain the school and its dignity as the home of the T-birds. Like Mr. Chow said “I think the important thing is if there is something on the ground, if there’s a mess, pick it up.” It’s critical to take the initiative and clean up. It’s time for T-birds to have enough self-respect to throw their trash in the garbage can.