Sub for Santa-What is it? and Who won?


Some people may or may not have heard of Sub for Santa or if they have heard it they do not know exactly what it is that Sub for Santa does. Sub for Santa is basically a huge fundraising event that helps raise money for people in need. This year the proceeds will go to the local homeless shelter here in Utah. Timpview raises money for Sub for Santa through many ways like going to certain food places like Chick Fil A at the University Mall in Orem. Other ways include going to events like the Student vs Teacher basketball game where students can donate to gain game points. Some other events that happen include Christmas caroling, movie night and basketball games. Also, during Sub for Santa there is a competition between the teachers, and whatever teacher has collected the most wins the competition.

I asked Mrs. Rose about how she feels about Sub for Santa. She “loves it,” and finds it a good way for Timpview to help people out in the community. Then we asked her how much confidence she had in winning Sub for Santa, to which she replied “(It) is not about winning (it’s about) helping people in need”. Then we asked Mrs Baker what Sub for Santa meant to her and she confidently said “I love it. Obviously (it’s) the best thing ever”.

Throughout the years the amount that is collected has definitely fluctuated throughout the year. Ranging from ~26,000 to ~190,000. This year in total timpview collected ~40,000 worth of donations and the overall winner of Sub for Santa 2021-2022 is Mrs. Fry.