The New Parking Lot In Use.


Ari Jensen and Jacob Willson

When Timpview started construction, the parking lots were the first thing to go, and the students were forced to park on the streets while the teachers maintained access to the remaining parking lot on school grounds. Naturally, a buzz could be felt among the students when word of a new parking lot spread. This air of anticipation turned less-than-friendly when the parking lot was deemed another teacher-only space. The distasteful attitude around the parking lot only worsened when the new parking lot opened, and half of the parking spots remained unused!

Students did take advantage of this opportunity and started parking in the empty slots. Trackers allowed this to go on for a while, because the snow on the windshield blocked the view of the cars’ inside, and therefore none were identifiable as being teacher or student owned. However, now that the snow has melted, staff are cracking down on teacher-only parking spaces. When asked about the issue, Mr. Fell stated that “there are now tickets being written for those cars that don’t have a pass that verifies the car owner as a PCSD worker.“

Unfortunately, fixing this issue reverts our student body back to the previous attitude of annoyance at the half-filled teacher lot. Many students want a closer, more convenient place to park and were disappointed when the new parking lot was announced as being for teachers only, especially when it is only partially filled a lot of the time. When questioned on the issue, several students expressed that they don’t think it’s right for this parking lot to be exclusive, when most of the cars in it currently don’t even belong to admin.