Your School your Voice


Isaac Jensen and Riley-Ann Pennington

Even one of Timpview High’s most soft-spoken can have one of the loudest voices. On Friday, February 11th, Student Government hosted their first mandatory meeting for all students who wish to join Student Government for the 2022-23 school year. Timpview senior Eden Leauanae, who serves as chief justice and oversees school elections, stated: “I liked serving the school and being able to be in charge and know new and upcoming things. Leading the school, being an example.” Even as a softer spoken student, she found that student government was the place to share her voice. As upcoming student elections take place, student government could be the place to share yours. With election deadlines racing towards us, Eden encourage all students to get involved.
“Students who get involved have a few benefits,” said Ms. Baker, student government advisor, during her interview with the Thunderbolt. “Students can see problems and help solve them.” Student involvement is very important to keep Timpview a thriving environment. Last year, nine candidates ran unopposed out of 27 offices, with four usually election positions turning into appointed positions after no one ran. As a result, almost half of our student body officers were not elected by a vote of the students.
Each student interested in student government will be required to submit an election packet and attend future meetings. These students must submit their election packet by March 18, online through the timpview election website. Once the packet is submitted there will be a mandatory meeting on March 23 for all candidates with