The Battle Of The Bands Recapped


Sarah Huber, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 25th, after school in the cafeteria, three bands made up of Timpview’s students competed for first place in Timpview’s annual Battle of the Bands competition. The three bands included Open Issues (Nathan Willis, Sebi McFarland, Tomas Isaak), Instinct Mends (Brooklyn Yardley, Isaac Sohler, Nathan Wallace, and Thomas Smith), and Schmetterling (Maisey Mckeown, Sydney Burnham, Gabe Easter, and Michelle Coletti)

All three bands gave amazing performances consisting of covers and originals, and the event was a total success. The modest crowd moshed through various Indie covers and swayed during Maisey Mckeown’s unique and heartfelt original. Each band’s amazing performance can be universally agreed upon, with their amazing talents and hand-selected songs, each band performed their hearts out and brought Timpview an amazing show.

One unique aspect of Battle of the Bands is that you do not have to be an already-professional band or musician to participate. Each band present on the 25th was created for the competition! Some even picked up new instruments for it; Sebi of Open Issues “learned drums for this…so he’s been playing for like a month and a half,”, according to Willis from the Open Issues band.

While Battle of the Bands at Timpview is traditionally held in the commons, it switched to the cafeteria this year, due to (you guessed it!) construction. A result of this was a smaller crowd than seen in previous years; only around thirty people attended. The exciting energy was still there –even the performers felt it. Brooklyn Yardley of Instinct Mends, the winning band, said, “It was a blast. Everybody killed it, we were surprised we won!”

So, what’s next for these bands? Yardley of Instinct Mends–the winning band–told us, “I would love to keep playing, I think we’re kind of just like jamming out as friends and seeing what the future holds”. As for Schmetterling, lead singer Mckeown is hoping to start making music seriously. “I’ve been planning on… recording that original song, and Sydney added the cello which wouldn’t have happened without [Battle of the Bands]. So I’m probably going to get Sydney to play the cello on my original song.”

As this year’s performers continue to pursue their passion for music, hopefully, more people will be inspired to do the same! If this seems like something you’d be interested in, it’s never too late to pick up a guitar, a keyboard, a microphone, or (like McFarland), the drums. Battle of the Bands is a fun, creative competition that allows students to explore music innovatively. Timpview is excited to see where this year’s musicians go and excited to see which talented Timpview students take the cafeteria (or commons) by storm next year! Congratulations to all our amazing performers, who competed beautifully, and a special congratulations to Instinct Mends, who will be progressing to a performance at Velour, on March 19th.