Construction Wrap Up: 2021-2022


Lizzy Ensign

This year we have seen a lot of changes, most notably is the school with construction. At the beginning of the school year, it was nothing more than piles of dirt, but now as we approach the end of the school year, it is becoming easier to see the progress on what will become the new Timpview High. The new school is set to be completed sometime in 2024, including the demolition of the current academic wing, which will be turned into a new parking lot. When we talked with the construction crew in mid-April, they said they are currently on schedule for finishing the construction on the new school and are currently about 30% done with the project. We also found out through speaking with them that the Lower I’s, Cafeteria, and Auditorium will not be torn down but just updated for the new school. We would thank the Okland Construction company for the tour of the site. Timpview High will undoubtedly be a better and safer school for the community when the school has finished its construction.