Timpview’s Saddest loss: The graduation of Bradley Pace


Ari Jensen

Although some did not know him Bradley Pace was the hottest guy to ever attend Timpview High. This does in fact make a problem because a smart and studious student such as Daddy Bradley can sadly only stay with us for 4 years. This saturday (or should I say sad-erday) marked the graduation of this school’s beloved Bradley Pace. With this passing we give our saddest goodbyes and our best wishes with Bradley Pace as he progresses into the next step in his life. 

But who was Bradley Pace? Many may ask this question and to you I answer with what I said in the beginning, “the hottest guy to ever attend Timpview High”. Now some may say “I know 10 hot people here and Bradley isn’t one of them”, and to that the rest of the school replies “no” because that argument is so stupid it doesn’t deserve a response. Bradley spent his years here at Timpview doing a few things, making an amazing Youtube channel that has reached thousands of views, growing a foot in one summer and, most famously of all, fighting off all the ladies with a stick. When asked about his time at Timpview Daddy down Badley Gradley Bradley said “It’s been real it’s been fun, hasn’t been too fun.” Just like his time here with the women here he then went on to allude us. 

As Timpview begins to wrap up it’s year it is important for us to realize what we are losing this year. Some might say the old building or Miss Fry but, we must all remember that the most important person we lost is Bradley Pace. As such I have compiled images of our dearly beloved for all to weep to after they finish reading this. Do not cry for it is over but be grateful it happened…