Timpview’s Students’ Thoughts on Attendance


Aaron Record

As we all know by now, attendance hasn’t been great since Covid, so we wanted to interview some students and get their thoughts on the matter.

One student said “I don’t really care about attendance, I’m over like, 130 absences and a lot of tardies. But yeah, attendance is very important, it gets you out of trouble […], if you skip a lot of classes it won’t be good for you.”

Another student said, “Honestly, I don’t have the best attendance. But for me, it’s just I stay on top of my work and get good grades and I personally believe, like if I can do the work at home, then I don’t need to be in class because it’s just a waste of time.” When asked if she feel like she work better from home, she said “Yeah, I honestly do, I feel like I work better at home, and I feel like when I come to class, there’s just too many distractions with people and stuff, and I just get my work done, honestly ahead of time at home.” she added though, “It kind of depends on the class. There’s certain classes where attendance matters because you have to be there, like [peer tutoring], I had to be there to get a good grade.” When asked about going back to enforced attendance next year, she said “I’m curious to see how that’ll actually work out, […] but honestly, I know that for some students, don’t work as well at home, and she just don’t come to class, and so I think them enforcing attendance would be really beneficial for some people.”

Finally we interviewed another student who had really good attendance. She said “I think attendance is important because if you’re on time in class you’ll learn more, and then you’ll be able to keep up in the class.” When asked about enforcing attendance, she said “I think enforcing attendance could help in some ways, but there’ll still be a big group of students that won’t really care that much and that will still skip classes. When asked if she thinks the school should then focus more on making students want to come to class, she agreed, saying “Yeah, maybe even, like having a grade sort of on attendance could be helpful, but it could also make students mad at the same time.”