Kickin’ It With Kimber Kober

Kimber Kober is a certified athletic trainer here at Timpview and she also teaches the Emergency Medical Responder class as well as Sports Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from BYU Idaho along with a Master of Science in Athletic Training from the University of Idaho. Before she made her appearance at Timpview she was a student athletic trainer for the women’s soccer and rowing teams at the University of Washington for a season. She also was an intern with the Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer.

When asked why she wanted to pursue a career in Sports Medicine she says that when she started college that was not her plan. However, in her first year of college, she was playing soccer and she had a really bad injury to her knee. After having surgery and working a lot with the Sports Medicine professionals, “it was then that I realized that I thought it was really interesting and exciting and I decided to go into the field.”

She moved to Utah when she accepted a position with BYU sports medicine where she worked with the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. After working at BYU for two years she heard about the job at Timpview and “It was kind of a weird story” Kober said. “I randomly decided to apply on the last day the job was open, so I applied on a Wednesday they called me on Thursday, I interviewed for the job on Friday and about a week later they called and offered me the job.” Kober had no prior experience teaching but “it just felt like the right move.” She was excited to try something different and help others find their passion in the same way she did.

Now halfway through the school year, Kober says one thing she likes about teaching is, “sharing the things that I’m excited about” she likes to see the faces on the students when they finally understand something or when they pass off a skill and they start to get excited about it and it really just makes the job worth it. Something hard that she has noticed so far especially in her job specifically is, “you sometimes feel like you’re pulled in a lot of different directions”. Kober says that oftentimes she feels like she is “really popular” she has kids approaching her to reschedule make-up exams or catch up on material they missed when they were absent. All of that on top of trying to do the sports medicine that is included in her job sometimes it just gets a bit chaotic.

Kober says that her favorite part about her job as a whole is that she just likes helping people. “I like helping people as a teacher and also as an athletic trainer.” Whether she is helping you out on the field or helping you in the classroom make sure and look for her this week and give her a thank you for all that she does for the sports teams at our school.