Market Week: Where Does the Money Go?


Left to right: Sanjay Moorthy, Joey Covey, Christian Brown, Nate Lemonnier, James Newman

Jade Ortiz, Photo Editor

This semester, two of Mr. Johnson’s entrepreneurship classes had their semi-annual Market Week where they learn and perform what it takes to run a successful business. Students had the choice to decide which days they were going to sell and what lunches to participate in.

Any profit made by the students is theirs to keep, so how will they use it?

Sanjay Moorthy is in Mr. Johnson’s class with four of his friends and sold Totino Pizza Rolls for Market Week. They wanted a fun experience and a good show for the students. The profits from Sanjay’s group are going to be split evenly between the five of them, with some of the proceeds going to charity. The group is still deciding how much proceeds they want to put towards Sub for Santa.

On the other hand, Sawyer Moulton has decided to raise enough profit to buy toys to donate to charities. He sold goody bags filled with treats and small toys and created a raffle for other toys. He is undecided on which charities but has Sub for Santa in mind. All of the money Sawyer raises is going towards buying toys and donations. He felt like it was a good thing to do and has no interest in keeping any money for himself.

There are students who participated in Market Week even when they didn’t have the class. Kinoa Lam helped his friend make musubi for all three days. His goal was to make money and invest the profit into crypto or stocks.