Movie review: Violent Night 

Caution: Only read if you’re allowed to see rated R movies


Kinlee Fell

A new movie starring David Harbour is packed full of action and comedy touched with a seasonal twist. Santa Claus (David Harbour) finds himself in a situation while making his rounds on Christmas eve. The non-believers this Christmas season run rampant and the coal doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, so Santa decides to clear out his naughty list.


The movie was very graphic when showing violence but then again it is called “violent night” so it was “executed” very well. In some of the scenes, there was an excess amount of profanity that was not needed to get their point across. The acting from one of the main characters Trudy Lightstone played by Leah Brady was very cheesy at some points during her performance but is still enjoyable regardless. The humor is what makes the movie. They came up with very clever ways of diminishing those on the naughty list which was fun to watch the director’s creativity. If your parents are fine with you watching a film like this I recommend you go see it and add to your yearly need to watch Christmas movies.