Market Day


Aurora Adams

Market day for Timpview High School has always been a huge success, kids from all over the school come to the hallway just to see what is happening at market day. The class that puts this together is the entrepreneurship class run by Mr. Johnson. Market day brings all sorts of different cultures to the school. This 2022 year we had a variety of food, gifts, socks, and different types of cultured food all down the hallway. They all earned a profit ranging from $400 – $700, and all the stands had a variety of things and prices ranging from $1.00 – $7.00 maybe even more. According to Mr. Johnson, the Musubi group was the top seller averaging $700 dollars in profit, and their gross sale averaging more than $1,000.

One of the stands was Sawyer Moulton selling cute little gift bags, in the gift bags there were $1 off sub-zero ice cream, mints, and much more, including a ticket that he would call out the number for and you could get a big prize for it. When I asked him what he was doing with the profit he was making he said all the money he is making is going to donations and he is going to buy toys and donate them to people. Others ranged from Musubi, squid game cookies, socks hot chocolate, hot butter beer, muddy buddies (handmade), and many more. The top selling item was musubi averaging out to $1,500 dollars of the two groups that sold musubi.

Every time market day got brought up people were always so excited about it. Market day is a huge success at Timpview high school and most likely always will be. People gather everywhere during lunch and passing periods just to spend their money on the things being sold on Market day. There was a lot that was food and a lot that was items, it was a perfect range of things. The 2022 year turned out great but many people feel it could have gone better and will get better when the school opens back up, they feel construction didn’t help as much as it not being there could have because nobody wanted to be in the crowd of people so they avoided that area.