The Weekly Review: Earmuffs


Anna LaComb

The Weekly Review: Earmuffs

About: Obviously we are all aware of what earmuffs are. They are used to keep your ears warm, and some even wear them for style. They had not exactly been in style for several years, however, recently they have become revived and have been more popular among society ever since celebrities like Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Kendall Jenner. To a lot of people, they are both functional and stylish, what do you think?

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Pros VS. Cons: There are mostly all pros to earmuffs, as they are very practical and keep your ears very warm. I believe that everyone should wear what makes them happy, and if earmuffs make you happy then so be it! It is difficult for me to find any cons in earmuffs unless someone dislikes them.

Personal Opinion: I, personally, think that earmuffs can be super cute with the right outfit! They could be difficult to style as they are such a statement piece, but if someone has the right style then I love how they look. Always remember to dress for yourself and to wear what makes you happy.