Online Start the 2023-2024 School Year


Fizz Daniels, Writer

Do online classes at home sound familiar to you? Maybe! But this time it’s not due to COVID-19.

Due to Timpview’s ongoing construction, teachers and faculty are stuck with the task of moving offices and classrooms to the new building within the time span of a day. Arranging, personalizing, and setting up is a large task already, but in one day? That’s too large an expectation for staff to meet. Because of this, there have been rumors that students would be online until October of the 2023-2024 school year. What do Timpviews Administrators, and Students think about the possibility of a delayed in-school start of the year?

Dean of Students Darren Burdette discussed the possibility that “the first week could be online, but the target date for everything is currently August 14, the day before school. But we are planning on being in the new class building on the first day of the school year.” When asked if he thinks the faculty of Timpview High School would be able to meet this deadline he mentioned that “[they] already have [our staff] scheduled to pack up their classrooms at the end of the school year, and then everything would be delivered to the new classrooms before the start of the school year. Even if they wouldn’t unpack it, their stuff would still be there and ready to go.”

Staff aside, this would obviously affect the students of Timpview too. Kalani Patchings is a sophomore at Timpview High School and she mentioned that it “could be nice to have a longer summer but will probably suck. Teachers’ efficiency in teaching won’t be as successful because you can’t do much through a screen.” She also noted that “it would be super hard to manage to cheat, but the class zooms would be so lit because you can just chill at home in your bed though and it would be a lot of time online.” It would be challenging for some, but some adjust to change better than others. 

The adjustment would be difficult, and it would certainly create lots of challenges and delays such as homecoming and fall sports season. No one wants this, but we might not have a choice. For now, the Timpview faculty is trying to make this as easy as possible for students and parents.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has caused quite a bit of hubbub and we would like to clarify — this article consists only of speculation and the decision is still being considered. It’s looking more and more like next school year will be relatively normal.