Someone is Always Watching…Beware Senior Assassins


Nicole Glasgow

Earlier this week, the annual Senior Assassin game took over our school, creating a buzz of excitement and competition among the senior class.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Senior Assassin is a competition where seniors are assigned a target and must “eliminate” them by squirting them with a water gun. The last two remaining seniors split the pot 60/40 with the senior with the most kills getting 60% of the pot.

This senior assassin season students have been putting their all into it. Stalking houses early in the morning, shooting their best friends, and building alliances. It’s only the third day and one particular student has already gotten 3 kills. All three of those kills being in one day.

Eli St.Clair, a senior here at Timpview, was one of the unfortunate seniors that were on the wrong end of that anonymous student’s water gun. Eli was super unlucky with the fact that one of his best friends had him as a target for senior assassin. His assassin was kind enough to tell him beforehand that he had Eli, but Eli was bold enough to continue hanging out with him. The anonymous student had a triple kill shooting Eli, Eli’s target, and Eli’s target’s target.

While that anonymous student has had great luck, some haven’t been ensured that same success story. Many other seniors have had many attempts at getting their targets but people have either been parking in garages and only staying in safe places, or sending parents out to scope out the surrounding area to ensure their safety.

As the deadline for the first kill is quickly coming up, we wish the remaining seniors good luck for the next few days!