Will Timpview Sink or Swim?

This year was the largest snowfall in Utah’s history. Alta’s average annual snow is 551 inches but this year they got 749 inches. The last time Utah had a winter like this was in 1984 when floods ran rampant throughout Utah and Salt Lake County turning many streets into rivers. Naturally, students, parents, and teachers have concerns about how this might affect Timpview’s old and new sections alike, but luckily it seems that the designers of the school have already taken an event like this into account. When talking to Cameron Whatcott, the woods teacher, he let me know that the school has installed a system just east of the school that catches water from the hills and redirects it around us. This system sits underground, meaning it catches not only runoff water but also any water underground. This was one of the main reasons Timpview built a new school in the first place; water can run underneath the school and cause the foundation of the school to shift. In the new school, the foundation was built far underground to set it below the groundwater. Even if the prior system were to fail, it would have no effect on the new sections of the school. Luckily, the flooding isn’t too likely to affect the school either way.

Below is a map of the flood zone:

As you can see, Edgemont Elementary across the street may have to worry about some flooding but the water will most likely be redirected straight down the hill with sandbags. Our younger neighbors are likely safe from flood damage for now.

Any worries or concerns you may have had before can be put to rest. Timpview will still be here next year and for many years after that.