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Top Ten Places to Hold Prom

Olivia Heninger

#10 The Provo Library 

This classic venue holds many unforgettable memories for Timpview students. Conveniently located in the heart of Provo, the historical building is perfectly sized with a staircase perfect for a Promenade.

#9 Utah County Historic Courthouse 

This venue is similar to the State Capitol on a smaller scale and is located favorably. The clean and beautiful marbled interiors are a perfect backdrop for photos.

#8 Utah State Capitol Building

The Utah State Capitol is not just a building, but a symbol of liberty. It’s adorned with spring flowers, charming architecture, and a great staircase that would make Utah’s capital the perfect candidate.

#7 The Empire State Building 

What could beat a dance party at the top of the world? In the heart of the Big Apple, a night at the Empire State Building would be hard to beat.

#6 Machu Picchu 

Here, students not only get to dance but also see one of the seven wonders. Prom at Machu Picchu would be a memorable adventure with an unbeatable backdrop for photos.

#5 The White House 

This building is of great significance and history. The Oval Office provides an intimate dance floor and offers the rare treat of having Joe Biden DJ.

#4 The Taj Mahal 

Everyone would envy the use of one of the seven wonders of the world for a prom venue. The breathtaking building is filled with intricate art and a beautiful scenery backdrop.

#2 Buckingham Palace 

This is a timeless venue filled with luxury and royalty. Dreams come true with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

#2 The Sphere 

This new viral venue offers an innovative way to make prom unforgettable. The venue features a light show and U2 for live music exposure at request.

#1 The Timpview Football Field

The breathtaking field the Thunderbirds are lucky to call home is the top choice for a prom venue. The marvelous views of local construction are sure to invoke nostalgia. A promenade down the “learning steps” followed by a scenic stroll through the plywood halls to the football field is a great way to start the night. The turf will provide a perfect dance floor and at the same time get complementary aeration provided by the high heels of Timpview students. This perfect large open-air space allows for underclassmen and students from Centennial Middle School and surrounding elementary schools to be included.

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