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The Election On The Horizon. An Overview Of Candidates


The Presidential Race

The race for our Student Body President has begun. There are three qualified and suitable candidates, each with fun and unique goals and ideas to help improve Timpview. The Thunderbolt interviewed each candidate to understand who they are and their goals.

Student Body President Candidate Colin Michie is “ Lit, chill, and swag.” Just ask him! He wants to bring about a new level of inclusion here at Timpview: ”I’m good at inclusion, and I think our school needs a lot more inclusion.” He later shared how he has tried to promote this in all his social circles, including creating unity and friendships as a member of the Timpview Boys Tennis team. When asked what he wants to accomplish next school year, he said, “Everyone at [feels like] the school is there for them”, emphasizing a goal of an environment change here at Timpview. 

Student Body President Candidate Elijah (Eli) St. Clair is “determined, friendly, and passionate.” He is a captain of the Timpview Boys Basketball team and is experienced in leadership both on and off the court: “I know lots of different people and run in lots of different groups at the school and my leadership skills are qualified,” he said. His main goal is to promote school unity by getting large, boisterous crowds to the many different activities on campus. “It’s easy to get students to boys football and basketball but I want to get them to concerts and band recitals, and plays.” A worthy goal for further inclusion of Timpview

Student Body President Candidate Jewelz Wolfgramm is “diverse, intelligent and dope” in her own words. Wolfgramm has served as Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior class President: “I have been in the business the last two years, I know what it means to be president and I know what it takes.” She also commented on the unity aspect of Timpview: “I just want to make sure it’s a safe place for everyone. There are a lot of people that… are going through a lot of hard things in life and they don’t know about all of the resources. It’s okay to be different, to be on a different side of the spectrum.” Understanding and integrating are important to Wolfgramm.

All three candidates for student body president are kind, uplifting, and enthusiastic about the work. If you’re still not sure who to vote for, find their social media pages to talk to them out in the halls! Make sure to get on your grade Canvas this Thursday and Friday (March 31st and April 1st). Student body officer positions are voted for by all students in all grades!


The Vice Presidential Race

The candidates who are running for student body vice president are Amber Smoot and Ben Covey. For the interview, I asked these fantastic candidates 3 questions about Timpview and its Student body. They are as follows;

(1)What unique qualities do you possess that will benefit the School if you are elected? 

(2)What are your expectations for the student body and what will you do to achieve those expectations?

(3)What is your favorite part of school?


The Thunderbolt recently interviewed Amber Smoot and Ben Covey, the two candidates in the race for student body vice president. They were asked a handful of questions about their qualities, expectations, and views on Timpview High as a whole. 

Amber’s unique qualities include always having a “positive attitude and bringing energy to any situation.” She stated in the interview, ”I am organized, hard-working and will put everything I have into making next year a year to remember.” Ben’s unique qualities are that he is very outgoing and all-inclusive. He stated,” I’m not afraid to try something new and step out of my comfort zone.” Ben is very hardworking and one of his biggest joys in life is,” helping others succeed.”

One goal that Amber has for next year is for the students to get involved and come together as one. She says as vice president, she will be over the clubs, and as an incentive to get everyone involved she will, “give out treats or have competitions between the clubs with awards that hopefully will make people more excited to get involved.” Along with wanting next year to be fun, Amber wants to make sure that everyone feels valued and welcomed. She will get different groups to participate in assemblies to “give people the opportunity to branch out and join different activities than they wouldn’t normally do!” One goal that Ben has for next year is to help with the inclusion at Timpview. “From what I’ve noticed… friend groups at Timpview are super cliquey and exclusive. I want to expand on that and help bring our groups together to help with our unity and school spirit.” Ben will do this by, “having better introduction days at school, and more get-to-know-you activities within and outside of school.” Along with inclusion, Ben wants to “make school fun and enjoyable for every student. I want to listen to ideas that the student body has and execute [them].” Ben loves listening to others’ opinions and thoughts.

Finally, Amber’s favorite parts of the school is the ”amazing students that I have come to love and appreciate. I’m constantly amazed by everyone’s great qualities and potential. It makes me sad to think about graduating and not being able to see many of them again. I love that we have such a strong school spirit and that we stand up for each other.” Ben loves the ”culture and school spirit at Timpview… We’ve gone through thick and thin as a school whether it be for construction or parking, our unity is unmatched. I also love the school spirit that Timpview holds. Whether it be our sports games or spirit bowls, we always put on a show and it’s an amazing thing to witness.”

The Secretary Race

Claire Armond and Conner Helquist are both in the running for Timpview secretary. Thunderbolt News interviewed both of them. When asked what qualifies her to be Timpview Secretary, Claire shared that she is currently part of the Provo Youth City Council. When asked the same, Conner shared that he plays on the Timpview golf and tennis team and plays in the orchestra. 

When asked what they are hoping to achieve if they are elected, Claire said, “I want every student to feel included in the school and make sure every student is involved in our school community.” Conner said if he is elected, “I will work hard with the rest of the SBOs to make sure next year will be a great year.”

The last question asked of these candidates was what their expectations are. Claire replied, “I will work with the rest of the student body to build a more diverse Timpview,”, while Conner replied, “I would work hard to think out of the box and bring new ideas for next year.”

Claire Armond and Conner Helquist are both candidates running for Timpview secretary. Make sure to get on your grade Canvas and vote from Thursday to Friday this week (March 31st to April 1st). All grades vote for student body positions.


The Social VP Race

Annie Reichner:

1. Why should you vote for her?

“Students should vote for me for Social VP because I will make next year’s school dances fun for everyone. I will take the student body’s input into planning dances with their song requests, theme ideas, and decorations. “

2. What does she want to accomplish?

“I want to make school dances a place for everyone to enjoy. I don’t want anyone to feel left out or like they don’t belong there. I want to make the dances next year super exciting and fun with a ton of energy.”

3. An interesting fact about herself?

“I set the Timpview Highschool record for the 100 backstroke my freshman year.”

Eva Briem:

1. What are your qualifications?

“I plan activities a lot, and I plan parties and things like that. […] I know a lot of people, and I’d be able to help make a lot of people be able to feel more included at dances and have things that they’d like.”

2. What would you like to achieve?

“I want to make dances super fun for everyone, […] some people just don’t like dances, like they just have a bad attitude about it, or they don’t like going, I want to make it so that people want to go because it’s so fun, and it’s so inclusive. […] I’m planning on asking people [what they would want], and make sure the DJ plays […] more variety. If dances were cheaper […], more people would go.”

3. Fun fact About Herself.

“I mountain bike, I do dance. […] I just like to have fun whenever possible.”

Anna Stewart:

1. What qualities qualify her to be Social VP?

She participates in all the school events, loves organizing events, and loves Timpview.

2. What can we expect out of you as Social VP?

You can expect more dance themes and more newly themed events.

3. What is your favorite part of Timpview?

The events.

Final message

Make sure to get on your grade Canvas this Thursday and Friday (March 31st and April 1st) to vote for one of these candidates! Student body officer positions are voted on by all

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