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How Timpview students can help preserve the Great Salt Lake

Here in Utah, we are surrounded by many intricate and extraordinary environmental landscapes including the Great Salt Lake. The lake has a unique ecosystem full of rich biological diversity and is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River. It’s heavily salt-saturated, which is often harvested for deicers, road salt, and water softeners.

The lake is a very important and notable feature of Utah, and it is drying out. According to Utah.gov, if the lake dries out more it could lead to “increased dust, less snow, reduced lake access, elevated salinity, habitat loss, island bridges, more invasive plant growth, and negative economic consequences to the state.” According to the organization Grow the Flow, “Saline lakes are especially vulnerable to water overuse. More than 100 examples around the world show that when these ecosystems are destroyed, they trigger long-term damage to health, economy, and culture.” Where are we now in Utah? Most of the Great Salt Lake is gone, and our ability to reverse this is fading away more and more each day. Although it may seem like all hope is gone, our sense of community here may be able to help. Grow the Flow also mentioned, “Our community has the values and resources to solve this crisis, but it will take profound change to our policies and relationship with our watershed.”

Grow the Flow is a citizen-led movement made to take action to save the Great Salt Lake. According to their website, “Grow the Flow is focused on supporting ongoing efforts and starting new initiatives that strengthen our water security.” As of now, Grow the Flow is attempting to gather activists, organizations, and anyone willing to help get water to the Great Salt Lake. If we continue to let the lake dry out, the lake will continue collapsing, and harm our environment for years to come. This is a global problem, but if we bring in our “community members, professionals, and lawmakers to improve water stewardship”, we will be able to to restore the lake and ensure a more lively future for our community. 

This movement is very important for our state’s economy, history, and future. Let’s get more students involved today!

Grow The Flow – Utah

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Fizz Daniels
Fizz Daniels, Editorial Editor
Class of 2025. Opinion/Editorial Editor. I like to participate in lacrosse, theatre, and playing instruments.

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    LaurelOct 15, 2023 at 4:13 PM

    Thank you for this article, this is such an important issue.