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Is Raising Cane’s still worth the hype?


Raising Cane’s has beamed in popularity, with it being open since 1996 it has made its way to Provo all the way from Baton Rouge LA. It all started as a simple project, Todd Graves had to create a business plan and present it to his class and professor, his idea of a restaurant that only sold chicken finger meals and absolutely nothing else did not amuse him. Ironically he got the lowest grade in the whole class on the project.

Graves worked at an oil refinery in L.A. and worked nearly 20 hours a day while fishing for Sockeye salmon throughout the ocean waves. After working his butt off the hard work paid off when he was finally able to open the very first Raising Cane’s.

In 1996 the first Raising Cane’s was opened near Louisiana State University.  Since then Raising Cane’s has grown and spread all across America. There are nearly 712 Cane’s around the world. The largest number of canes is in Texas with 194 different locations, while we only have 7 here in Utah. 

With the closest Cane’s being less than a 10-minute drive from our Timpview High School it has been able to attract many students. With Cane’s being such a popular place so close it has made students fall in love.

Estella Garza thinks the best thing about Canes is the chicken and gives it a 10/10. She believes they could improve on their fries which she says are too “soggy.” She thinks that Cane’s should have more options to choose from and overall, she rates Cane’s a solid 7/10.

John Wilson, Timpview junior said best thing was the bread giving it an 8/10. Wilson agreed with Garza that the fries are “soggy and bland.” His overall opinion is that Cane’s is “good but very expensive and overrated.”

Whenever I have gone to Cane’s it is packed and there is always a line at any time of the day. They are fast but I would say it is way overpriced for food that is not all that good. I would think the best thing there was their chicken, but it is just plain chicken with nothing too special about it. The fries are probably the thing I would say needs to improve the most, they are soft and also flavorless. I have personally heard that a lot of people only like Cane’s because of the sauce, with that being said their sauce is made up of the same components as fry sauce with just a few added ingredients. Without the Cane’s sauce, the rest of the food wouldn’t have much flavor.

After polling 10 different people, the overall rating of Cane’s came out to a 6.32/10. This shows that there is always room for improvement, but that Cane’s is a solid choice for our students looking to grab a quick lunch. 

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  • Y

    Your bestieNov 21, 2023 at 2:32 PM

    There were so many grammatical errors. Not impressed.

    • G

      George SproulDec 1, 2023 at 11:04 AM


  • C

    calixOct 26, 2023 at 2:48 PM

    raising canes makes me sick just as Chick-fil-A does. I don’t know what’s inside of it to make me sick but I’ve been unable to eat more than a chicken strip from either of them. the fry sauce is the best thing Raising Cane’s has, which isn’t much to say because fry sauce is always good.

  • B

    BradOct 15, 2023 at 1:54 PM

    Chicken can’t be frozen and then thaw out as for been fresh. There’s nothing amazing about it..no season. The sauce can be made easy. He just came out at the right time.Now it’s selling because of it’s name.