The Return of Romney


Elizabeth Duckworth

Mitt Romney is a name that many are familiar with; Romney famously ran for president in 2012 against President Barack Obama. Now Romney is making headlines again, but this time he’s running for a position in a different branch of government.

On February 16th, Romney announced his plans to run for the Utah Senate seat that will be vacated by Senator Orrin Hatch. In his campaign video, he said, “I have decided to run for United States Senate because I believe I can help bring Utah’s values and Utah’s lessons to Washington. Utah is a better model for Washington than Washington is for Utah.”

Even though Romney only recently announced his plans, controversy has already begun to surround his run for Senate.

Many people believe that Romney will not accurately represent Utah because he just recently established residency here. His opponent Jenny Wilson commented, “Utah families deserve a Utahn as their senator, not a Massachusetts governor who thinks of our state as his vacation home.”

However, many feel that he does in fact represent Utah’s values and interests. As former Utah governor Mike Leavitt put it, “He has a center-right philosophy that’s quite consistent with the main stream of Utah.”

Romney is also under attack for his acceptance of President Donald Trump’s endorsement. Romney has been highly critical of President Trump throughout his campaign and presidency, calling him out on issues ranging from immigration to Trump’s personal conduct.

Numerous people have vocalized their concerns about Romney and how he seems to be indecisive about his views. Senior Leigh Nielsen said, “I think Romney has some good ideas but he does tend to seem to flip flop depending on what will get him the most attention. First he was for Trump, then against, and now he’s for Trump again because he is running for Senate.”

Despite his acceptance of Trump’s endorsement, Romney continues to disagree with some of Trump’s policies. In his campaign video, Romney subtly criticized Trump when he said, “Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion.”

Whether you believe that Romney is a genuine person who would accurately represent Utah, or if you believe that he is a deceiver who does whatever he needs to do to be elected, that’s for you to decide.