Timpview Swim rallies behind new coach

Victoria Weser

At the start of the swim season, Timpview swimmers were left scrambling for a head coach which lead to weeks of confusion while other teams were training.

Without a coach, swimmers had to practice individually instead of as a team. During this time, the administration searched fervently for someone qualified enough to lead the swim team to success.

Fortunately, Jefferson McClain, a well-known coach in the swim community, applied for the head coaching position. McClain swam for Springville High School and had an outstanding career but decided for the sake of health and his career choice to not continue in college.

Even though he couldn’t spend the “time and energy swimming in the pool, [he] still loved the sport and wanted to reconnect [with it] through coaching.” McClain soon became one of the many respected coaches of the prestigious UVRays club swim team.

“I had some parents and many swimmers reach out to me saying [Timpview] was looking for a coach. I wanted to make sure these teenagers had the opportunity to swim and do a sport that I really love.¨

Swimmers were panicking over the six weeks of lost conditioning and how it would affect their performance at the meets. McClain reassured them that “If we get in [the pool] everyday, work really hard, and we do the high intensity workouts, we will be able to get into race pace very quickly.”

Team captain and senior, Madison Bear, stated, ¨He’s the best coach we’ve had, and we’ve had multiple. That’s saying something because we’ve only been with him for about 3 weeks now. He knows our capabilities and doesn’t discriminate against the skill level of swimmers.¨  

From defending state champs to those who have never swam competitively, McClain believes that high school swimming will give everyone “another platform to swim on and create bonds and friendships and team unity.”