Porter pedals to the top

Victoria Weser

Porter Mitchell, a new freshman athlete, dominated in mountain biking with an undefeated season and placing first at State.  

Like most kids, Mitchell has been riding bikes since he was young, but really got into the mountain biking scene a couple years ago, all because of his dad.

“My dad is really into it and I know a lot of friends that are really into it, so I decided to give it a try and really liked it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell quickly realized that his talent and passion was beyond the average biker. He decided to join the Provo Mountain Biking team to help him work on his skills and get to the next level.

Coach Bryan Gillespie explained that a mountain biker needs three things to separate themselves from the rest: “good bike handling skills, a good engine (the physiological ability to be an endurance athlete), and a good attitude.”

“Porter is still young but has shown many indications that he was born with a good engine and is in the process of making it a great engine,” Gillespie said.

Mountain bike races are held all around Utah, making this sport quite a commitment, with most of the races turning into a weekend trip. The races are usually held later in the afternoon which leaves the mornings wide open.

Like most athletes, Mitchell has his race day ritual, “I wake up and try to have a good breakfast cause I usually race in the afternoon. I take the rest of the morning to lay low so I am not tired for the race.”

This simple, yet effective routine seems to work wonders. Watch Porter Mitchell as he continues to enhance his skills and rule the track.