Injury of the week: A low blow


Coby Sandholtz

Shelby House, Timpview freshman and sousaphone player, fell victim to injury last Friday from an unlikely adversary: the lawn.

After practicing for her marching band show, Shelby was on her way to the band room when her foot “got caught in a hole on the lawn,” resulting in a sousaphone-assisted faceplant.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” she expressed.

Her injuries include a twisted ankle, bruising on her elbow from a screw protruding from her sousaphone, and humiliation; immediately following the incident, a witness remarked, “I should’ve recorded that.”

For those wishing to prevent such an ordeal, Shelby has a suggestion. “I would say stay away from the holes in the lawn, but there are a ton of them, and [the school’s] not going to fill them anytime soon.” Prove her wrong, grounds management.