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A day off to vote

On our school’s cherished and beloved ACT testing day, Tuesday, March 3rd, Utah will be holding its presidential primaries. This opens up an excellent opportunity for Timpview’s senior population to vote, as they won’t have school. Even if you aren’t 18 now, if you turn 18 by November you can still vote in the primary. Here’s how.

If you are an actively registered Democrat or Republican (if so, you registered when you got your drivers license most likely) Utah county has already mailed you a mail-in ballot to vote with. Simply fill out your ballot and drop it off at a ballot location before 8 PM on March 3rd. The closest dropbox is Provo Library from Timpview. For the whole list, check on https://votesearch.utah.gov/voter-search/resident/home/how-and-where-can-i-vote

You can also participate in early voting before March 3rd, by going to an early voting center with valid ID. Valid ID in Utah includes a Utah driver license, a Utah state ID (issued by the state government,) a Utah concealed weapon permit, a US passport, or a tribal ID card along with a photograph. The Provo early voting centers address is at the Utah County Vote Service Center, at 100 E Center St, Room 3100.

Finally, to vote on primary day, simply bring one of the valid ID mentioned above and head to a nearby voting station. The Provo locations are the Utah County Vote Service Center mentioned above, and the Provo Recreation Center. For more locations and information go to the link mentioned above.

This is a great opportunity to participate in our democracy and pick our next president, so make the most of it!

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  • D

    donald trumpFeb 24, 2020 at 1:17 PM

    apparently timpview has a political bias now. we might as well start a communist revolution at this point.