Timpview Soccer and Social Distancing


Initially this article was going to be about the prospect of the Timpview boys soccer team this year. As you can see it is now titled “Timpview Soccer and Social Distancing”. Throughout the events of the past few weeks the situation has changed and evolved as new information has come through. Everyone is aware of the looming cloud above us that we fondly refer to as social distancing and/or quarantine, and everyone knows how it’s affecting their lives and the lives of those around them, but with all the cancellations and what not how is this affecting our boys soccer team this year?

Back when this quarantine was just getting into swing they hadn’t canceled the season. In a virtual interview over email Timpview’s boys soccer coach Matthew Wheatley relayed his hopes, saying, “I am hopeful that we will be able to get an abbreviated schedule and state tournament in.” All in all, he just wanted a good season for his boys and a chance for them to show their stuff, “I would be really bummed for my guys if they didn’t get any more soccer. I would be especially gutted for the seniors who were really looking forward to a good year.” Wheatley related his sorrow, he says, “…ya it is kind of a bummer with all of the quarantines and closures.” He went on to say that they are not allowed to hold any practices or team meetings in person alongside the closure of the schools, so now all players have been charged with the responsibility of keeping in shape and ready to play on their own, without the help of daily practices at the school, in hopes of keeping in shape and staying united.

As you all may have guessed, the season has been cancelled for this year. The team seems to be taking it quite well, Wheatley says, “I think my players are handling the news better than I am.” Wheatley, in hopes of supporting the boys any way he can, has instituted weekly check up meetings that offer a connection to the team despite not being able to play out a season let alone meet up and play some pick up ball.

In the end we are all having our own set of struggles in wake of the pandemic sweeping the nation. Wheatley says “It is just a tough situation for everyone involved.” Our hearts go out to all the players not just in soccer but in all the sports, and not just at Timpview but all players who are missing this opportunity to play this year all over the state and the country. Best wishes for everyone and stay healthy and safe.