Private Homecomings: A “New Normal?”


Harrison Payne

When Timpview student Jaroldeen Oveson heard that her very first Homecoming was going to be canceled, she knew she had to take the dance into her own hands. After Utah County returned to “Orange” coronavirus restrictions on September 24, Timpview was forced to postpone its homecoming dance indefinitely, leading to many students deciding to throw their own.

Not wanting to miss out on one of the most anticipated events of the year, students have found creative ways to still experience homecoming. One senior, who chose to remain anonymous, and his group decided to go to a pumpkin patch and watch a movie, preferring a private homecoming over a school-wide event. “I would rather be safe and help keep others safe by keeping it in small groups so as to reduce risk of spreading COVID.”

Junior Jaroldeen Oveson is planning to play frisbee golf and watch a movie with her group. “We’re doing our own thing because… it would be hard to talk in a group if our group was spread out across socially distanced spots without disturbing other movie watchers,” she said. “I’ve never been to a school dance, but I expect this to be nothing like one!”

Other students have taken things a step further by planning their own large-scale private dances. “[We] thought it would be fun and give [everyone] the chance to still have a senior homecoming,” said senior Luke Heaton. “Ours was roughly the same as a school dance.” In addition to a dance, the group had day date activities and took photos in the evening, attempting to recreate the typical homecoming experience. “We decided we could have more fun if we did stuff on our own without having to worry too much about the school’s COVID restrictions,” said another member of the group, who also requested anonymity.

But many of the party-throwers still felt that their event couldn’t live up to the school dance experience. “[Our dance] was way fun, but the energy just isn’t the same as when you go to school-sponsored dances with hired-out DJs and lots more people,” remarked Timpview senior Ann Edgington. “I’d prefer to be at dances with everyone.”

Ann isn’t the only one: “I love going to school planned events,” agreed one senior. “The student government students work so hard to put together fun things for us to do, even during corona!” Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding homecoming events, students can still look forward to other activities in the works, even if the events are not exactly the dance they were hoping for.