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How to Get Your Phase 3 Opinions Heard


As of March 2, Provo City School District is officially considering moving all schools in the district to Phase 3, or full-time school. Transitioning into Phase 3 would mean “all students attending school 5 days per week and following the full day schedule,” according to the school website. The site claims that masks would still be required of all students, but the ability of the school to maintain safety regulations during lunchtime remains unclear. The only significant differences for Timpview students changing from Phase 2.5 (our current phase) to Phase 3 (the proposed phase) would be adding 25 minutes to each class period as well as introducing a 35 lunch period.

While the change has officially been proposed, it is not yet certain whether or not it will be implemented. The school board has put out a survey to gauge the opinions of parents, students, and district employees before making a final decision. To contribute to the survey and ensure the school board hears your opinion, click one of the following links and fill out the necessary information.


Beyond filling out the survey, there are plenty of other ways to reach out and get your voice heard. Emailing members of the school board is a major method of helping them understand student views on the topic, and they’d actually love to hear your input. “I emailed Nate Bryson and he was excited to hear about my opinion,” Timpview senior Elle Evenson said.

Nate Bryson is the official representative of Timpview on the board, but all members are essential in the decision. Contacting Nate is easy and can be done by emailing him at [email protected], while to message the other members of the board, you can find their contact information at https://provo.edu/board-of-education/. “Contacting the district is the best way to have our voice heard,” Elle continued.

But having an impact on the decision isn’t only possible through direct contact with the board. Talking to friends and parents can increase the number of people actively engaged in the policy-making process while posting about the topic on social media platforms like Instagram can greatly raise awareness with minimal effort.

Whatever your opinions may be, becoming involved and participating in the decision process will help the board make a decision that best aligns with the views of its students and properly represents the people it stands for.

How to Get Your Phase 3 Opinions Heard


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  • A

    anonApr 22, 2021 at 10:29 AM

    We shouldn’t go to phase 3 until most students have the vaccine, and total covid cases (not just in the school) are low.

  • M

    MaceyMar 29, 2021 at 2:06 PM

    Michael my main man im so proud

  • C

    CalixMar 17, 2021 at 11:40 AM

    I don’t think we should go back to normal until the virus is considered gone.